How to access Operations Summary

How to access Operations Summary

Operations Summary

The Operations Summary screen is for monitoring equipment’s communication, equipment, and alarm activity by building, floor, and room.

Operations Summary 

How to access the Operations Summary:

  1. Select the Operations menu option.
  2. Select Summary from the menu list and the platform displays the Operations Summary.
  3. To collapse or expand sections of the screen use the (-) and (+) buttons next to the section title or the Expand All, Collapse All options in the upper right-hand corner.

Communication Status:

  •  OFFLINE (1) 
  •  ONLINE (1) 

 Equipment Status:

  • ACTIVE (1) – Running on generator power
  • INACTIVE (1) – “Ready” and on utility power
  • NOT READY (1) – Generator is in Not in Auto mode
  • IGNORE (1) – ATS was put in Maintenance mode in Aurora
  • UKNOWN (1) – Uncertain of Status


  •  ALARMS (0) – No Alarms
  •  ALARMS (1) – Active Alarms
  • ALARMS (1) – Cleared but Unacknowledged Alarms

If there is more than one status occurring simultaneously, the display will toggle between the statuses.

How to access equipment details from the Operations Summary:

  1. Select an equipment row on the Operations Summary and the platform presents the equipment details

Entity Details


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