Aurora Platform 5.11 Release Notes

Aurora Platform

Alarm History Report

The Alarm History Report was updated to sort by the alarm active data time in descending order.



Aurora Runtime

In the Aurora Runtime we removed error logging for Building_Energy, KPIs and Site_Energy tags missing an entity status since these tags do not have a status.

Bug Fixes

Functional Area Description of Bug
Trending The 2nd end date for trending period over period was getting set when the screen was opened and when a new date was selected it was not honored.  As a result the scale on the trending graph was incorrect. 

Trending data was getting belended when there are multiple devices associated to an entity and some of the devices have the same tag name.  This has been corrected by displaying the data element by it's tagname_entityname_devicename. 

Trending When trending a duration less than 15 minutes the application was not defaulting to the minute data interval and the seconds data interval was not an option.
API API communication stopped gathering data.  
Live View Meters in an alarm state not connected to a bus bar in the live view were missing the alarm indicator.
Live View Each time the Live View zoom in/out was selected the application would do an additional zoom in or out by 5% on it's own.  Which looked like the screen was flickering.
Live View Pan/Centering was occuring each time the Live View was moved by the User.  Changed the Pan/Centering to only occur when the Live View is opened for the first time during each session.
Alarms Alarm email notifications were delayed when the service had a lot of data to process.
Demand Response Alarm Demand Response Stop Command Alarms were staying active even though the command was successfully processed.
Operational Report When an ATS did not have the Time to Available tag then the ATSs were not being displayed on the report.
EPMS System Error When the emergency power supply system has a generator with a ENGINE_NOT_IN_AUTO tag as null and the Control Manager detects the test bit as high, then the application displays an ERROR on the EPMS page (rotating with TEST status).  The test actually completes normally. 
Login/Default Home Page After logging in application displayed a blank screen when the the configured default home page should have rendered.
Runtime Formulas Runtime Formulas that Cross Multiple Devices were Not Updating with Correct Device Reference.
Installer Updated the Installer to drop/remove tables and stored procedures that no longer are needed.
Project Frog Integration Project Frog External Integration was missing data for mapped tags for a period of time.  The Integration Request Data has been changed to use Hawaii Standard Time to fix the issue.
Alarm History Stored Procedure The Alarm History stored procedure was not filtering out inactive tags.  As a result a 500 error was produced in the API Log.

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