How to access Operations Site Summary View


Site Summary View 

An all in one Site and Fuel System Summary page view provides all Site Event, Comm and Equipment Statuses along with the equipment total Normal kW and Emergency kW.  Also include is the Site’s aggregated fuel information to monitor the fuel levels, capacity and fuel on hand.  This view is available upon request for servers with multiple sites.

Site Summary 


List of Statuses and Font Color: 

  • Event Status 
    • Outage - Red 
    • Load Reduction - Blue 
    • Test - Blue 
    • Disabled - Red 
    • Normal - Green 
    • Error - Red 
  • Comm Status 
    • Online - Green 
    • Offline - Red 
  • Equipment Status 
    • Active 
    • Not Ready 
    • Ignore 
    • Inactive 
    • Unknown 
  • Alarm 
    • 0 Alarms - Blue 
    • 1 or more Alarms - Red 

How to access the Site Summary View  

  1. Post logging into Aurora Applications with multiple sites then select the Operations menu option. 
  2. Select the Site Summary menu option and the application presents the Site Summary View. 

 Note:  The page can accommodate up to 40 listed sites on 1920 x 1080 resolution monitor display. 

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