ClickShare CS-100 Basic Use

Basic functionality

When entering a meeting room equipped with ClickShare and if the display is not in screensaver mode, the
ClickShare wallpaper is shown on the display. The content of the wallpaper depends on the setup.
Starting to use ClickShare is now very simple.
To start using ClickShare

1.  Take a Button and Insert the Button into a USB port of your laptop. Depending on the USB port on your laptop
and/or on the USB connector of the Button, a convertor must be used. This convertor is not delivered by



The LEDs of the Button start flashing white.
On your laptop a new drive appears.
Two situations are possible now:

  • A launcher is preinstalled on your laptop (downloaded from the Base Unit or Barco website, or deployed
    company-wide by your IT department). ClickShare is immediately available. You can continue with.
  • nothing is pre-installed. Continue with go to step 2.

2.  Browse to and double-click the ClickShare drive on your laptop.

3.  Double-click the ClickShare application.

The ClickShare client software starts and its icon appears in the system tray.
On a Windows computer:  

When the system is ready for use, a message appears close to the systray icon.

The LEDs of the Button are static white.

4.  To share your screen on the display, click the Button.
The LEDs of the Button become static red and your screen appears on the display. When audio is enabled on
the ClickShare Base Unit, the audio of your laptop is also available on the audio output of the Base Unit and
on the HDMI output, and it will be played via the meeting room audio system. The icon returns to the same
state as in step 3.
In the system tray, the ClickShare icon starts rotating. On Windows computers the icon changes into  .
The name of the user logged on to the laptop which is sharing its content is briefly shown in the bottom left
corner of the added content.
ClickShare automatically scales the content of your screen to the resolution of the meeting room display. The
aspect ratio of your screen is maintained to make sure the proportions are correct.

5.  To remove your content from the display, click the Button again.
The LEDs of the Button become static white.

6.  When leaving the meeting room, unplug the Button from your laptop.
No trace of the ClickShare application is left on your laptop.



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