Skype for Business Initial Voice Mail Setup

When your account is initialized for Unified Message you will receive an email with content such as this - these setup instructions are simplified for the initial voice mail setup

Welcome to Exchange Unified Messaging


To use your phone to access your email, calendar, and contacts, call your Outlook Voice Access number and enter your PIN at the prompt.

Your number:


Your PIN:


To change your voice mail settings:

  • In Outlook on the web, from the navigation bar, select Settings > Options.
  • In the left pane, select General > Voice mail.
  • Choose the voice mail option you'd like to change.


How to initially setup my voice mail in Skype for Business


From the Skype for Business client click on the dial pad, then click on the voice mail icon and select Set up Voice Mail

Your screen should look similar to this

You will be connected to the Unified Messaging system where you will have the option to provide 3 recordings

  1. Your name
  2. Your standard voice mail greeting (default)
  3. An "away" voice mail greeting
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