How to access Site Energy Live

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Energy Live and Historical Trending

The new Site Energy Live streams real time Total Site Energy kW one second data on a 10-minute chart.  Below the live streaming is Total Site Energy kW historical data that can viewed by the Last 12 Months, Last 30 Days, Last 7 Days and Last 24 hours.

To access this page click on Energy on the Menu bar and then select Site Energy Live option.

To personalize the page the following is configurable:

  • Live minutes interval
  • Title color
  • Graph line color
  • Logo
  • Title Name
  • Live and Historical Tag that is charted

Note:  This feature is only available by request.  Please contact Customer Support or your Customer Success Manager to request this feature.

 How to access the Site Energy Live:

  1. Select the Energy Menu option
  2. Select the Site Energy Live option and the platform displays the Site Energy Live screen



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