How to Trend on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

KPI Trending (optional app)

Aurora Energy displays historical trending per Building for the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) that was custom configured for your site.  For more information on the KPI tag configuration, contact Blue Pillar Support.

Energy – KPI Trending 

How to trend on a configured KPI:

  1. Select the Energy menu option
  2. Select a KPI sub menu option and the platform displays the KPI Trending screen
  3. Select one or more buildings at the left of the screen and the platform will display the KPI trending data and graph for the past full month with the interval of hour and the rollup of average
  4. Use the (<--) and (-->) next to the KPI name in the graph legend to view the KPIs Avg, Max and Min values for each Building KPI
  5. To change the trending criteria options, select the  settings icon in the upper right hand corner
  6. If changes are made to the criteria, then select the  refresh icon to refresh the screen with the new trending data and graph
  7. To download the data into an Excel spreadsheet then select  download icon in the upper right hand corner and the platform will display a prompt to open or save the download

For full instructions on how to trend go to the “How to trend and create an Adhoc report” in this user guide.

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