How to view a Building's Heat Map

Heat Map (optional app)

The Heat Map allows a user to visually assess energy density/consumption over a given period.  This application is meter driven and quickly highlights periods of peak usage or when energy is being consumed outside of occupied periods. 

Energy – Heat Map 

How to view a building’s heat map:

  1. Logon to Aurora Application from the local server
  2. Select the Energy menu option
  3. Select the Heatmap menu option
  4. Select a Site, Building or Equipment from the list on the left hand side
  5. Select a data tag (kW, kWh or BTU) in the Select Tag field
  6. Select a From date to view the data or leave the default date
  7. Select the  Refresh icon to display the data
  8. Hover over a cell and the application displays the data value 

Note:  after selecting new criteria the Refresh icon must be re-selected to display the new data 

How to download the data from the graph:

  1. After a Heatmap graph has been created/displayed then click on the  Download icon and the application displays the option to Open, Save or Cancel the operation
  2. Select Open or Save and the application displays the data in Excel


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