How to manually trend TTB and TTA

The following steps will walk you through using event data to trend on specific tag values. This process may be used for multiple tags at the same time as well.


  1. From the Home page of Aurora, select Operation and then the Event History tab.
  2. Now select the "System" that contains the event you wish to pull data from (upper left-hand corner) and then refresh the screen (circular arrow button).
  3. Click on the event from the calendar.
  4. Select "Trending" (upper left-hand corner).
  5. Use the filter option to select only the tags that you wish to trend on and then press "Filter"(ie Time to Buss or Time to Available).
  6. At this point, you may select the individual rows that need to be trended. Once a row is selected, it will be pushed over to the trending window to the right.
  7. After all tags to be trended have been selected, please use the refresh button to perform the final trend.
  8. The tag values that you selected will now populate within the trend graph. You may hover you mouse over the trend lines to display a value or use the selection arrows at the bottom to navigate between all trending criteria.
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