Alarm: Generator Not Communicating With Meter

Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. Open the Aurora instance for the site that is experiencing this alarm.
  2. Navigate to the Operations tab and select Event History.
  3. In the upper left hand side of the window, select the system that includes the entity producing the alarm.
  4. Then re-cycle the selection by clicking on the Refresh button.
  5. Locate the last event where the generator was running.
  6. Perform trends on the Engine_Running and Meter_Comm_Alarm tags during this event. This alarm should only be active if the Horner is not communicating with the meter during an engine run event. The Horner will attempt to re-initialize communications, but if this fails, the alarm will return to a "true" state.

Alarm Configuration:


This failure can be caused by blown fuses, incorrect wiring layout, or breaks in the wiring. The meter may have failed as well. A technician will need to be dispatched in order to validate and repair these findings.

Normal Status:

Meter Communication Issue:


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