How to add Cameras to Internet Browser Trusted Site in IE

If you are unable to view your equipment through your Blue Pillar cameras on Aurora Platform it maybe because the Camera IP Address needs to be added to your Internet Browser Trusted Sites list.  

Note:  If the Internet Options are locked down by security you will need to get assistance from your local IT department.

Internet Explorer (IE)

Follow the steps to add the Camera IP Address to your Internet Explorer Browser (IE).

  1. Contact your local IT or Blue Pillar Customer Service to provide you with the Camera IP Address.
  2. Navigate to your IE browser.
  3. Click on the IE Settings  option in the upper right hand corner and IE opens a menu list of items.
  4. Select Internet Options and IE displays the Internet Options screen.
  5. Click on the Security tab and IE displays the Security Settings page.
  6. Select Trusted Sites icon and IE displays the Trusted Site Settings.
  7. Click on Sites and IE displays the Trusted Sites Zone Security Settings screen.
  8. Remove the check on the Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone.
  9. In the Add this Website to the zone: field enter the Camera's IP Address using http:// prefix.
  10. Click on Add and IE adds the address to the Website list.
  11. Click Close > OK.
  12. Navigate to Aurora Platform and logon.
  13. Navigate to the EPMS to view the camera.
  14. Upon selecting your camera an Active X Control message may appear at the bottom of your screen, continue with selecting the install option, this is required for the camera live video.
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